Eco Tourism

Accessible only by private boat, helicopter or small plane charter from Saipan, the Northern Islands are well worth the extra effort for the adventurous traveler who loves nature and wishes to enjoy the ultimate in ecotourism. The islands are incredibly beautiful, with smoking volcanoes, black sand beaches, striking rock formations and an abundance of wildlife.

It is truly a unique experience to visit an island that is uninhabited, as most of the Northern Islands are. This was not always the case, as ancient Chamorros once inhabited all of the islands up through Maug (History of the Northern Mariana Islands). During WWII, all residents were repatriated to Saipan. Today there are only small settlements on Agrigan and Pagan. The islands are seldom visited, except by scientists and CNMI Emergency Management Office officials, who monitor the activity of the volcanoes.

This Picture taken On June 1, 2015 the team of intrepid climbers and cutters made it to within 26 vertical feet (8 metres) of the highest point on Agrihan Island and all of Micronesia! What kept them from reaching the very top of that 3,166 foot (965 metres) was a deep cleft, or crevasse, separating them from those final few feet to the top. Roger Kaul (the main organizer of the expedition) later asked his friend, geologist Nicholas C. Schmerr, why there was a crevasse near the crater's rim.