Fish and Wildlife

The Northern Islands posses an abundance of marine and terrestrial wildlife. Native and endemic species flourish in the pristine, undisturbed environment. For many endemic species, the Northern islands represent a last bastion from loss of habitat.

The links below will guide you to sites maintained by the United States department of fish and wildlife, the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council and the World Conservation Monitoring centre. These sites contain information about endangered species of terrestrial flora and fauna, endangered marine life, and comprehensive listings of marine fishes, some of which can be found only along the shores of the Northern Islands.


Current Fish & Wildlife Studies by the Local Government: In summer 2000, scientists and other personnel from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Division of Fish & Wildlife will undertake an extensive survey on 8 of the islands. They will take inventory and check on the health and welfare of the population of birds, insects, reptiles, small mammals and bats in these islands. The study will cover the islands of Maug, Asuncion, Alamagan, Guguan, Sarigan, Anatahan, Agrigan and Pagan. The survey work is being initiated through funding from the United States Navy. The surveyors will be joined by two biologists from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife during their trips to Sarigan and Anatahan. The work of the Navy is one way of helping the Commonwealth mitigate or secure the population of endangered species in the islands.

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