Northern Islands may be a mountain climbing destination

MAYOR Jerome Aldan said his office will showcase the Northern Islands as another mountain climbing destination in the Pacific.

Northern Islands Mayor Jerome Aldan reads a newsletter article about a mountain climber in the U.S. who wants to explore the CNMI’s highest peak. Photo by Junhan B. Todino

In June, he said a group of climbers are planning to scale the Agrihan volcano.
He said mountaineers Roger Kaul and John Mitchler attempted to climb Mt. Agrihan in 2014, but they failed to reach the peak.

The Highpointers Club, a group of climbers seeking to scale the highest point of the 50 states in the U.S., are interested climbing the highest points in all the U.S. territories, Aldan added.

In an article “The Last Unclimbed U.S. Highpoint – Agrihan Volcano,” the Highpointers Club newsletter pointed out that at 3,166 ft., Mt. Agrihan is the tallest in all of Micronesia.

Recently, he said Kaul communicated with his office and indicated that his group plans to visit the Northern Islands this year.

“The Agrihan climbers are planning another attempt this coming June. We will be contacting your office early in 2015 to get the paperwork completed,” Aldan quoted Kaul as saying.

The mayor said the visit of the Highpointers Club members is a “good start” to attract others climbers.

Aldan said the Northern Islands have attracted exploration missions, recreation and scientific research over the years.

The mayor’s office, he added, will work collaboratively with the Highpointers Club to help promote Mt. Agrihan not only in the U.S. but also in Asia

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