The Stratovolcano, Alamagan Island

A beautiful caldera and grassy slopes are what you'll find on Alamagan, as well as a small herd of cows and calves that roam freely. This island has been inhabited on and off since ancient Chamorro times, and a few abandoned homes center around a square cement water catchment. Hundreds of coconut trees were planted on this island during the Spanish, German and Japanese administration of the Northern Marianas.

Alamagan is a stratovolcano about 30-km south of the island of Pagan. Two historic eruptions are suspected in 1864 and 1887. It is located 146 nautical miles north from Saipan and is 4.4 square miles in area. The island's volcano has a large crater at the summit. The west side is cut by deep gorges covered with high savanna grass. The southeast side is a steep slope of bare lava. There are deep valleys with caves. Coconut palms grow on the gradual slopes. Warm fresh water springs are located on the northern part of the west coast.

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